Thursday, March 24, 2005


The dark rook came into the steel-colored
Cold town one early morning in a month in the
Future before fires of stars had melted into
Oneness with the flames of the next sunrise
One could look in all directions and observe
People who fled across the country to flee
The dark shadows flying in their wake of
Time and space shadows with perpetual
Appearance throughout history but larger now
Progress, decay, machinery and war...
Nature stood warning and watching the
Masquerade watching the petty parade of
Mankind the dumbfounding circus of man she
Watched through tears of rage but
Darkness remained it reigned and light, yes,
Light brilliant hopeful light was the
Stranger, stronger force for the rook spring
And new blossoms became his religion
Nature was his priestess.
The rook lived in hopeful light.


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