Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yesterday the rain came before we saw it
In the stars it was already here and now
There is no umbrella with me to shield these
Tears no one with me to say it is raining on
Us though there are people striding wet
Sidewalks and roads as I enter a large cafe
Filled with many people smoke one cigarette
Drink the dregs of my coffee and walk into
The rain again I enter a different cafe and
Sit by three policemen who eat Spanish food
And who must listen intently to their
Portable radios for more criminals so that
They can come back into the cafe and eat
Their Spanish food again I am back in the
Rain out of one bar into another cafe
To hide and be warm to listen to the rain
And wait for the rain to stop though
It will snow and we would like to know so
Many places at once if only we can find our
Own time machine.


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