Thursday, March 24, 2005

In Time and Rain

We have both died No one can tell by our tone of
Voice or by the color of our skins Or by the
Words we speak It goes deeper than that We died
because we had to It was not our choice And we
Died at different times in a different place We
had no consciousness of our deaths Yet we felt
them The sky was not there No stars Just an
Emptiness When most people die they Are called
Dead and Others say he died today Or I will
visit Her grave tomorrow But for us death has no
Permanence We died and we live now And we will
die once again And we will never have graves.
Yesterday there was a war Today there is no land to
till Tomorrow there will be another war Tomorrow
there will be no land to till You and I have
been captured Tomorrow or next year We will be
executed We are dead We will be executed They
cannot kill us Today we exist Tomorrow
We exist yesterday.
Blossoms begin to open.


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