Saturday, March 22, 2008



Easter was always a very joyous occasion when I was growing up. My parents always bought me an easter basket full of candies. Now I don't have any teeth. But I guess it was all worth it. Below is a poem that I wrote (with its original title). I thought that I would go against the grain, and post less than joyous thoughts on this eve of Easter.

Biography of Faith

Mary carried Jesus into the
Golden Room,
Men in dark suits demanded
Mary showed them her precious
Smile and her infant's laughter.
They killed both.
"It was for national security,"
said the first.
"It was in the interest of our
vital interests," said the second.
"I'm tired of inflation," said the third.
"They looked like terrorists," said the fourth.
"Let us go find a war," said the fifth.
"The state is all that matters," said the


M L Squier


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