Thursday, March 24, 2005

Baggy Pockets

The ocean roars like a mad god
Who has slammed a sandy door on man
The waves rush across my mind
And I look upon the ocean floor:
Diamonds inside buried treasures from chests of ancient lore
A golden ring and a crown of a king
Inside a toy jukebox that makes me sing
A silk handkerchief once inside a pirate's pocket
Now beside a modern rocket
With Jesus' cross all rusted and cracked
Does Santa have a new one packed?
Skeletons of drunk Norsemen with their insane swords
Still shining and ready to use in today's cancerous wars
Sipping mead with a few Greek gods from the Peloponnesian war
And at Gawain's side sits young David, shaking on Goliath's shoulders
Looking at Columbus who has just landed for a second time
To come and take America back to the Indian's fort
But like Robin Hood in a TV commercial
Columbus sells his act for a profit
To keep making crazy rockets and keep filling baggy pockets
With silver, platinum, and gold.
By M.L. Squier

Note: I took the photo above in 1972 during a visit to Golden Gate Park, and immediately after taking the picture wrote this poem.
The words came quite easily and quickly, and I made few changes.
I gave the original to Sandy Leeds.
Sandy...where in the world are you?


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